New-build Timber Merchant – Small Site, but good ‘Catchment Area’

February 28th, 2008 by haydn

Plans for the timber merchants

The site had been used just to display ‘pretty’ garden sheds so the surrounding neighbours an the local authority were very much against a ‘crinkly-tin warehouse’ going up on the site – particularly one with a small Jobbing Mill that the client needed!

The local authority were only willing to consider a planning application if the building was no more than 30m x 22m; on a specific spot on the site; it had a ‘housing feel’ to it and was clad in timber. CSD did very detailed stock analyses, literally calculating how many pieces of timber / sheets / doors etc could be accommodated within the footprint and worked with the architect to satisfy the planners requirements.

It can be seen from the elevation that the building ended up looking a lot prettier tan most warehouses do! The mill was located ‘in the middle’ of the building, between warehouse and shop which helped absorb the noise. The only way that the stock range could be accommodated was if the operation was set up as a ‘satellite branch’ with small quantities of each stock line in order to offer a credible range and be supported by a ‘milk-run’ from the next nearest branch. Very detailed calculations needed doing, by stock-line, based on computer-generated line sales data. There had to be a bias to a hand-balled operation so materials handling aisles did not take up all the storage space. It can be seen that there is just one fork truck aisle allowing for the handling of bulk sheet materials and PAR & Mouldings back-up stocks. Roofed cantilevers were used + vertical boarding to ‘hide’, [and protect], carcassing timber. As small Trade Counter / Shop / Office / Staff facility was also included.

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